Hi, I'm Jolanta Valeniece.

I'm a Bristol based photographer specialising in personal brand and business photography.

Balancing visual storytelling and commercial strategy, my skill lies in my ability to capture the unique character of a business and what it stands for. This valuable combination has sparked many long-term collaborations with clients across diverse industries and creative fields.

I have over 15 years’ experience in photography having started my career as a press photographer/photojournalist and later as a picture editor for a national business newspaper. As a result, I bring diverse experience and technical skills to any project. Working in a newspaper enabled me to hone my ability to create engaging and compelling images that tell a contextual story and communicate a commercial proposition.

Perception is everything. Creating professional images that truly represent a person and a business takes careful thought and planning; it goes above and beyond the visual. I come from a brand perspective, so think about your audience, business proposition, brand values and personality in order to really capture your unique story and characteristics. Highly meticulous post-production techniques help us to achieve optimum image quality that sustains for years to come.

How do you want to be perceived? What would it mean to your business to have a strong visual presence that represents who you are, differentiates you from your competition and give you total confidence online?

Whether you’re looking to update your website, promote your brand, or create a powerful visual story for your business, I can help you create beautiful images that will add real value to your brand.

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